How Do We Customize Solutions for YOU?

 We build our performance programs in seven stages based on a time-tested process:

 Research and Design.  We tailor-fit our programs to adapt to your corporate culture.  We look into existing systems and processes to determine possible areas of improvement and determine points of vulnerability. We then design an incentive campaign around pre-determined parameters and present how to best meet your targets.

 Training and Development.  Before program launch, we ensure everyone involved is fully trained. We start by helping participants gain the proper mindset to develop the right attitude and skills, based on sound knowledge (K-A-S-H).

Knowledge –> Proper Attitude –> Right Skills –> Good Habits

Promotion and Communication.  We develop a theme and a slogan that sustain the program’s message throughout the organization.  We design all campaign materials such as Program Mechanics and Rules, Awards Catalog, Posters and Flyers.  We provide regular feedback on program results through periodic Newsletters.

 Program Launch.  We make sure that the program is launched to spur the participants to excel — featuring program highlights, program goals and most especially, rewards at stake for the participants.  The Launch creates the momentum for the whole program to succeed.

 Program Administration.  We fully administer the program for you and regularly report to you the results.  We have a highly automated system to keep track of program results and issue monthly individual progress statements.  At any point, you get to know exactly how well you are doing and are able to assess and guide the performance of all participants.  Top performers are featured in progress reports.

 Rewards Fulfillment and Delivery.  Our system makes it possible for participants to program their own rewards through the Award Credit Statements we issue regularly to all participants.  All items found in the Awards Catalog can be delivered trouble-free directly to the participant’s home.  We also arrange tours and travel to any destination.

 Post-Program Performance Review.  We audit and report to you the overall Program Performance in assessment of the achievement of your goals set at the beginning.